Friday, October 8, 2010

Weaving is completed and exploring the purple crayon

 We added 3 new colors this week to the basic weave and a handful of beads. Lots of happy squeals as each 2nd grader figured out how to best do his project. Some got theirs really tightly compacted and others kept them loose. We tied off quite a few of the ends into a kind of tassel.
The hardest part was letting me keep them overnight to take a picture before they could take them home. Both of the parent helpers got pretty good at the weaving too.

The kindergarten project started with a reading of the book " Harold and the purple crayon" then we talked a bit about using our imaginations. Each student was give a sheet of black paper, a purple crayon and construction paper in purple to assemble a crayon and start the project. Each table got a baggie full of purple items- beads, feathers, cloth, paper shapes, foam shapes, letters and more to create their pictures. Having them draw with purple didn't do much as it just melted into the black paper. They had a blast just gluing everything onto the page and using the materials. Although this project is supposed to be for kindergarteners, the concept part of it was a bit beyond them. The homeschool mom does have good ideas: 

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